Cell Phone Service

Cell phone service: pre- and post-paid

There was a time when cell phones were only for rich and famous but with the advancement in technology and science, cell phones became available for everyone. Then the question arose as to which will be the best cell phone service to go with. In today's world when cell phones have become a part of our lives and a daily need it is very important to give it a proper time and fulfil its requirements. It needs it fuel to run and that is plans, there are two kinds of plans which are available and those are prepaid cell phone service which allows to monitor your usage and another is post paid cell phone service which sends you monthly bill according to your usage.

Pre paid cell phone service is for those people who do not want to get carried away and spend huge amount of money on their cell phone bills and post paid plans is for those people, mostly businessmen/women who have extensive use and can not afford a stop at any time on their cell phone service. Pre-paid cell phone service is however more popular as it allows you to maintain your limit and decrease your expenses. In countries where cell phone service is a luxury it is possible for everyone to keep their cell phones by subscribing to a pre paid cell phone service.

One more advantage of the pre paid cell phone service is that in the event of loss of the cell phone, one does not need to worry much about the extensive usage which can be done by the person who took away the phone as there is always a limited credit on the pre paid cell phones. There will only be the loss of the handset and as for the number, it can be recovered by reporting the theft to the cell phone service provider and the old chip would be cancelled immediately.

Standard cell phone service is for high end users and who are used to making quite a number of calls throughout the day. These users generally have to make loads of calls and are very active in terms of communicating. There is an advantage in the standard cell phone service as the tariffs in this service is lower than the pre paid one but due to no monitoring and less headache of buying calling credits, one usually forgets and tend to make more calls eventually spending more then required.

Pre paid cell phone service is best for the people who do not want to spend much in cell phone services no matter what they are. Standard cell phone service is for active users as they need to make more calls and this plan is generally chosen by people who can afford a few extra bucks.

Thus, it is necessary that you know the plans provided by the cell phone service providers, as it's you who will be paying the money and loosing if you get trapped in wrong deal.